Week 45: Hair

Two blocks from my home is a short street named Fountain Grass. Fountain Grass is a common ornamental plant in Florida. It is drought-tolerant, grows fast and reaches three feet tall with its graceful flower spikes waving in the breeze. It is these flower spikes, the ripening seed heads, that are made up of little hairs, as you can see in this backlit, highly filtered photo.

Fountain Grass

Week 44: Old Photographic Effect

There is a life-size bronze sumo wrestler in a courtyard of a downtown bank building in Sarasota. I have no idea why. But he is quite menacing to all who walk by him. I blew out the background and added a couple of effects during post processing, including Old Legal Document Texture which produced the Old Photographic Effect.

SUMO Old Letter FB

Week 43: Less is More

At Tivoli Gardens, an iconic and historic amusement park in Copenhagen, I had a choice of photographing the entire ride and all the people gleefully going around in circles, or isolating a small part of the ride. I chose the latter, because less is more in this case to depict the free-floating feeling of this ride. I thought the empty chairs enhanced the image.

Tivoli Ride 6 copy

Week 41: Line From a Song

Having more fun with filters in post-processing, I settled on a vibrant yellow for my 20-year-old Areca Palm on my lanai. I have come to appreciate the color yellow the past couple of years. The 1967 song “Mellow Yellow” by Donavan came to mind, and the lyric
“They call me mellow yellow.” Shot from my pool with my little Canon PowerShot D10 underwater camera.

Lemonade FB

Week 40: Photographer’s Choice

I love fooling around with filters in the post-processing process. My choice for this week’s photo was to apply a Heavy Rusted Steel filter on this bland pot of an overgrown aloe plant on my lanai. I was in the pool at the time, shooting with my little Canon PowerShot D10 underwater camera.

Organic fb

Week 39: Stripes

If you are in Sarasota and haven’t yet been to the ‘Pathless Woods’ exhibit at the Ringling Museum, it still has a couple of weeks to go and is a fun thing to do. This from the museum website: “Pathless Woods is an interactive, multi-media installation in which the visitor is invited to walk through a forest of ribbons – sometimes the path is very clear and at other times it is not. The title is taken from a line of Byron’s poetry, ‘There is a pleasure in the pathless woods’ and references that the visitor can find his or her own path through the installation with each choice determining outcome.” The outcome for me was a fulfillment of the Stripes challenge!

Red Ribbons

Week 38: Starts With a ‘C’

A Cooper Creek tributary runs through my neighborhood, less than a block from my house. Cooper Creek is a tributary of the Braden River, the largest tributary of the Manatee River, which flows into the  Gulf of Mexico. They say if a hurricane causes a storm surge at high tide, our little Cooper Creek tributary could flood nearby streets. It’s hard to believe this rivulet has that potential. On a normal day it is a peaceful place (although they say it harbors rattlesnakes). Note: Cooper Creek runs south from near Linger Lodge east of I-75, runs under I-75 and continues southwest through the UTC Mall area and stops mid-way west of Benderson Park.

Cooper Creek landscape fb


Week 37: Macro/Close Up

It’s tulip time! Tulips bring so much cheer to a room. I keep them around in the spring when they are a bargain at the grocery store. A simple tulip can go from ordinary to dramatic with a combination of post-processing filters. I like the effect on this one. It reminds me of Old Hollywood glam.

Electric Tulip rotated 90 clockwise fb

Week 36: Missing Piece

When a spring bouquet of tulips starts to lose its leaves, one petal at a time, it’s time to throw them in the trash. My bouquet on the coffee table caught the morning light and I loved the effect, so I let them hang around longer than usual. I started to enjoy the beauty of watching them age, lit by the harsh morning sun. This tulip is not only missing a piece, but several pieces.

Broken Tulip 032517