Week 42: Dawn’s Light

My Athens trip last September is a deep well so far as my 52-Week Challenge of images goes. So I return to that well to meet the challenge of Dawn’s Light. Climbing to the top of the Acropolis to reach its 2,500-year-old temples is best done early in the morning, before the unrelenting sun takes its hold on this (mostly) treeless rocky citadel. I did find a tree up there to frame the city of Athens below, and played with a filter to enhance the morning light.

Golden Light Single Tree



Week 37: Descending

People have been descending these age-worn steps leading down from the Acropolis in Athens for 2,500 years, making their way up and down to and from the Parthenon and other magnificent temples on the hill. We were happy to have place out footprints on these historic slabs of marble last September when we made the historic climb. Awesome.

Apr 10 Descending Acropolis Steps

Week 18: Mirror Image

When construction began on Athens’ new Acropolis Museum at the turn of this century, work ground to a halt when an ancient urban development began to emerge from the ground being dug for the foundations. The project had to be redesigned to incorporate this marvelous discovery without disturbing it. The ingenious result was to leave the discovery in situ, while at the same time having it open to view. The outcome is a glass plaza covering the ancient site over which visitors cross to enter the magnificent museum, which opened in 2009. The mirror image of an adjacent building to the museum is a reflection on glass, although one might think it could be a recent rain. The museum is at the foot of the Acropolis, and a must-see if you go to the capital of Greece.

Museum Reflection

Week 16: Rusty

This rusty railroad bridge spans the 70-foot-wide Corinth Canal connecting the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. The 4-mile-long canal was dug between 1881 and 1893, but, due to its narrowness, navigational problems and periodic closures to repair landslides from its steep walls, it failed to attract the level of traffic anticipated and thus had little economic importance back in the day, and now. Today is is a tourist attraction, and a convenient hour’s drive (depending on traffic) from Athens.

Corinth Canal Rusty RR Bridge

Week 14: Letters

We stood in front of the Greek Parliament and watched the changing of the guard, which occurs 24/7/365. The letters etched on the wall behind the guards was all Greek to me. Evzones (the presidential soldiers) perform the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma Square in Athens. The guards must stand perfectly still for one hour three times in a 48-hour period. It takes an extraordinary amount of discipline. I have decided not to apply for the position.

Changing of the Guard

Week 13: Frame Within a Frame

After spending two hours picking my way around the rocks strewn across the Acropolis and enjoying the fabulous photo ops of the temples, it was time to descend to the streets of Athens. There was only one way out, through the “frame within a frame.” Funny how that works. It hit me instantly as I saw it, “There’s my photo for ‘frame within a frame!'”
Frame Within a Frame