Week 5: Forms in Nature

I am blessed to have beautiful naturescapes (natureshapes?) right out my backdoor. Besides the wonderful wildlife in and around the pond, a remnant stand of Longleaf Pine trees captures my view. A mature Longleaf Pine’s shape takes on an attitude all its own, and its quirkiness is rather amusing. When evening cumulus clouds stack up behind the , the result is a double whammy of nature shapes.

Longleaf Pine and Pink Billowing Clouds 081417


Week 13: High Above

Big, bold thunderheads provide a lot of drama to Florida’s summer skies. These billowing behemoths were towering over homes in my neighborhood as I drove by this pond that opened up the view. I continued home, grabbed my camera (What? It wasn’t with me!?) and returned to the scene to find it unchanged. I was so happy to capture the scene. It make me want to go out and buy some Hershey bars and graham crackers.
fb Cumulus Clouds framed