Week 28: An Action Shot

We were strolling the streets in Old Havana and came across a very tiny park tucked into the corner of a city block. I was attracted to it because of its intimacy in the middle of the city. I noticed a couple of guys in the park but didn’t want to be obtrusive so I grabbed one shot as a I walked past. It was later, at home as I downloaded all my photos, that I saw the one man was gracefully dancing while the other fellow relaxed on the bench and watched him. Perhaps a fellow dancer or a coach. At any rate, it is an action shot, but one I didn’t expect to get there and then.




Week 27: Serenity In Nature

The sun had been up only a few minutes when I opened the balcony door in our stateroom on the Norwegian Sun to see the MS Hamburg entering Havana Harbor. The early morning light combined with the quiet of a day not yet started produced a satisfying serenity as a took in the stillness of Old Havana.

Sailing into Havana Harbor.jpg

Week 22: Part Of A Face/Head

No one goes to Havana without seeing Cristo de La Habana, the Christ of Havana, which, at 66 feet of white Carrara marble is seen from anywhere in the city, and especially from a ship as you sail into and out of Havana Bay. I stood at the foot of the statue and shot directly toward the sky, capturing only a part of the statue’s face. The statue is the work of Cuban sculptor Jilma Madera, who won the commission for it in 1953. The Cristo weighs approximately 320 tons. It was built from 67 blocks of marble brought from Italy after being personally blessed by Pope Pius XII.

Cristo CU