Week 24: Reflections

“Complexus,” a 70-foot-tall red Corten steel sculpture by John Henry, is a piece of public art installed at the corner of Tamiami Trail and Gulf Stream Boulevard in Sarasota. Dubbed “Pick Up Sticks” by locals, it was reflected in the glass building, One Sarasota, when I was shooting scenics from the top of the new Westin Hotel across the street. There are other reflections to identify in this photo—how about the car, the street sign and the traffic light? More?

Red Sculpture Reflected



Week 44: Old Photographic Effect

There is a life-size bronze sumo wrestler in a courtyard of a downtown bank building in Sarasota. I have no idea why. But he is quite menacing to all who walk by him. I blew out the background and added a couple of effects during post processing, including Old Legal Document Texture which produced the Old Photographic Effect.

SUMO Old Letter FB

Week 15: Bent or Twisted

There is a tree offshore on City Island in Sarasota that I am told may be the most photographed tree in town. I was on City Island in the beautiful evening light of late August, after the thunderstorms had rolled through, and added myself to the long list of shooters who have used this tree as a subject. After I shot it, I thought, “That tree is Bent of Twisted!” It sure is!

Gnarly Silhouette

Week 26: Straight Out of the Camera

This is the half-way point for this 52-week challenge! It’s going well! This week I offer this unedited image taken with my iPhone, “straight out of the camera,” no editing. I saw this bicycle parked in Five Points Park in downtown Sarasota. Apparently, at one time, the bike sported 43 flamingos, attached to the bike to make people smile. (I count 19; how many do you count?) I hope the image makes you smile, too.

Flamingos Bicycle

Week 10: Old Timer

Sarasota’s Jungle Gardens is certainly an “old timer” as a tourist attraction and favorite of locals. The gardens were started in the early 1930s. Forty years later, in the early 1970s, the Gardens introduced the first Exotic Bird Show featuring Macaws and Cockatoos trained by prison inmates from California. They were aptly dubbed The Jail Birds. I believe this Blue and Gold Macaw to be one of the original birds and he still participates in the bird shows today. Blue and Golds live between 30 and 35 years in the wild, but upwards of 50 years as pets or in zoos. So this old boy is indeed an Old Timer.

Old Macaw

Week 4: Eye

A summer afternoon excursion to Sarasota’s Jungle Gardens went against my better judgment, with the heat index in the low 100s, but I had the urge to shoot flamingos. Glad I went. The flamingos never disappoint. This one played peek-a-boo in his plumage, fulfilling my challenge for Eye. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

Flamingo Eye

Week 41: Skyline Panorama

The UTC Mall, when approached from the south on Cattlemen Road, takes on a beauty of its own as it spans the skyline and meets the two retention ponds (separated by a walkable causeway). I first noticed this enroute home one evening, without my camera, and waited for the perfect evening to return and capture the fleeting scene I first noticed driving over the bridge.
fb UTC Pink and Blue