Week 33: Something With Wings

Where better to spot a butterfly than on a farm. In this case, it was an herb farm in Sicily. This photogenic striped insect was most cooperative and continued gather nectar so I could get my best shot.



Week 24: Waiting

In my wandering around the ancient and charming streets of Ortygia on the Ionian Sea off the coast of Italy, every view is a photo op. But usually it’s a lovely S curve of cobblestones, an architectural detail or a quaint storefront. What I liked about this image was the starkness of the two colors and loneliness of the clothespins, waiting for laundry they could anchor in the sun.


Week 22: Ordinary Objects

Caltagirone has a long tradition of making ceramics. The town in southeastern Sicily offers many examples of local ceramic work, and the first to greet you are the relief tiles on the San Fransesco Bridge. Ceramic shops abound, and one of them we went into painted its own greenware. While the group was listening to the shopkeeper lecture on the ceramics process, I was drawn to the colorful paint pots the artisans use to paint the pottery. Ordinary objects, but to me, liquid jewels.



Week 20: What a Character

The Ortygia market in Sicily was a rich photo environment and will keep on giving in this 52-week challenge. As you might imagine, such a place as a street market in such as place as the ancient Ortgyia on the Ionian Sea, off the coast of Sicily, was filled with photogenic characters. The trick was to photograph them a little on the sly to capture them without posing, glaring into the lens or fake smiling for the camera. We bought some fruit from this character and he remained gruff throughout the transaction. Loved it.


Week 35: Laundry

Is there an amateur picture taker anywhere that doesn’t like to shoot laundry? What is it about the dangling sheets and underwear that catches our fancy? In Palermo, Sicily, the laundry waves in the wind along with unconstructed awnings, creating a dynamic visual aesthetic.

Mar 27 Laundry and Balconies in Palermo

Week 25: Mouthwatering

This bowl of fruit created its own still life tablescape on an olive farm near Agrigento, Sicily, where we spent two nights amid 10,000 olive trees and 5,000 almond trees. The owner/chef presided over a gourmet kitchen and dining room that offered the finest farm-to-table fare I have ever experienced. Simply put, it was mouthwatering.

Fruit Bowl