Week 6: From Where I Stand

After the 8-14 inches (or more!) of rain that fell in Manatee County last week and having an infinity pool we didn’t have to contract for, I figured there would be a snake or two in the yard, given we live on a pond. Sure enough, a Great Blue Heron was in the yard doing snake duty. I stood in the doorway of the cage, and from where I stood I got the picture before the bird maneuvered the snake down the hatch. Now I know what those long necks are for!

Snake CU sig FB


Week 8: Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not necessarily when they are coiled up and staring at you. In this case, this “friend” was safely behind glass. Many people will find this post creepy, myself included! Eek! While I am safely in Africa right now, I shot this guy last month in Sarasota at Jungle Gardens.

DIAMONDS Black White Snake