Week 47: Creative Angles

Oodles and oodles of alligators seemed to be coming at us from all angles at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine. Thankfully, we were safe up on a boardwalk. It is so much more than an “alligator farm.” It is a little bit of nature in the middle of St. Augustine with a rookery and a small zoo. Nice boardwalks for getting around on, and lots of shade. Go there sometime. It’s a fun place to shoot.

Alligator Angles


Week 38: In A Row

Week 38: In A Row

St. George Street in historic St. Augustine has palm trees all in a row, as I discovered during a stroll from our hotel to the Columbia Restaurant on Hypolita Street. When I got to the intersection, I turned around and shot the scene from whence I came. We passed by Kilwin’s fudge shop along the way, so I skipped dessert at the Columbia to indulge myself enroute back to the Casa Monica Hotel. St. Augustine is a nice getaway, and under four hours from our house.

FB St. Augustine Street Scene